AU-D820S Switcher Distributeur Optique Coaxial 8x20

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  • Audience (Gestion de signal Audio) Au-d820s Switcher Distributeur Optique Coaxial 8x20 1
298.00 € TTC
Référence : AU-D820S
Marque : CYP
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Description Fiche technique
The AU-D820 allows the user to switch and distribute 4 Digital Coaxial inputs and 4 Digital Optical audio inputs to 10 Digital Coaxial and 10 Digital Optical outputs. Select any audio input for distribution of the audio signal to all outputs simultaneously. Incoming audio signals are converted to allow all optical and coaxial outputs to operate simultaneously. 

Supporting sampling rate up to 192kHz and audio signal up to 5.1CH, this device maximises audio distribution to multiple outputs. A typical application for this switching and distribution device is for use in retail environments such as a hi-fi store. It allows multiple audio source signals to be easily managed for demonstration of sources and amplifiers to a consumer, for example.

Control is via selection buttons on the device or via IR or RS-232.