CR-KP3 Panneau de Contrôle 9 Boutons

  • Gamme Profesionnelle Cr-kp3 Panneau De Contrôle 9 Boutons 1
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Référence : CR-KP3
Marque : CYP
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Description Fiche technique
The CR-KP3 Wall Plate Control System Keypads are versatile and useful products for both system integrators and smart home users alike. These keypads can send commands to any Ethernet controlled device in your system. With 6 direct macro buttons (plus an additional 6 macros within the WebGUI control) which allows up to 16 commands to be executed within one button press, and a total of up to 128 commands capacity within the unit, this keypad can activate a set of command scenarios in a seconds. The soft and colorful LED buttons are suitable for all environments and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support allows for creative placement of the keypad within your space without concern for location near to a power source. Additionally, the integrated clock and calendar based scheduling feature allows you to trigger macros to control devices within your installation at a specific time, or on a recurring schedule.