DS-MSC14-4K Contrôleur mur d'images 4K

  • Affichage Dynamique Ds-msc14-4k Contrôleur Mur D
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Référence : DS-MSC14-4K
Marque : CYP
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Description Fiche technique
The DS-MSC14-4K enables a 4K video wall to be created from any third party screens, the HDMI source can be displayed as a single image on each screen or 1 image across all screens. A single unit will create a 2x2 video wall. Multiple units can be combined with an HDMI distribution amp to create larger video wall configurations. Control is via RS-232, Telnet IP and our downloadable application which will allow full control of the DS-MSC14-4K from adjusting the bezel correction to pre-set video wall layouts.