SDV-FRX Récepteur HDMI sur Fibre Optique

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Référence : SDV-FRX
Marque : CYP
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The SDV-FRX/FTX Transmitter and Receiver set are designed to deliver high-quality, IP routable, AV extension with minimum latency. By using a sophisticated ultra-light compression technology (lossless for most content) it's the perfect solution for extending 4K audio/video signals (HDMI/DisplayPort-transmitter dependent) and data over long distance. Advanced HDMI content such as HDR (High Dynamic Range), 10-bit color and multi-channel HD Bitstream audio can be transmitted in pass-through mode. The use of interchangeable, field replaceable, SFP+ modules allows for transmission distances of up to 30km (Maximum transmission distance depends on the SFP+ modules used.). Multiple control and data signals may also be transmitted along with the audio and video, including IR, RS-232, USB (for KVM) and Ethernet.

When combined with the optional control software, the functionality of the extenders expands exponentially. Multiple Transmitters and Receivers may be combined with one or more 10Gb fiber Ethernet switches and the units can be used together to form a distributed video matrix, a multi-viewer system, or a video wall system adding to their flexibility in large commercial installations.